McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.5.8 retail - VO

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McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.5.8 retail - VO

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Date de sortie : 12 décembre 2018

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McAfee® Endpoint Security for Mac is a comprehensive security solution that protects your Mac and minimizes the risk of exposure to threats.
You can use the software on standalone and managed Mac systems.
For a standalone Mac — You or your Mac administrator can install the software and configure settings using the interface. For a managed Mac — You can use McAfee®
ePolicy Orchestrator®(McAfee® ePO™) or McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®
Cloud (McAfee ePO Cloud) to create, manage, and enforce security policies. You can use the queries and dashboards options to track detections, activities, and status of your managed Mac systems. Additionally, you can deploy Adaptive Threat Protection, an optional McAfee® Endpoint Security module that
analyzes content from your enterprise and decides what to do based on file reputation, rules, and reputation thresholds. For information, contact your reseller or sales representative.

McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.8 - Release Notes -
Resolved issues
1260822 The ȴOes added to the on-demand scan exclusion policy are excluded now.
1260235 This release resolves the policy enforcement issue of locking the client interface using the
Common Policy.
1260300 The intermittent kernel panic issue is no longer experienced.

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